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Hey there! We’re Stephanie and Sarah, creators of Coach Birdie, and we’re thrilled you’ve landed here to get to know us better. We have a shared love for golf and a desire to spread that joy to a wider community. As sisters who grew up with a professional golfer as a father, we had the opportunity to learn the sport at a young age. We realize not everyone gets that same early exposure, and we also understand the factors that can make golf feel exclusive and unapproachable for many. Learning golf as an adult can feel a bit awkward and intimidating. That’s why we created Coach Birdie — to break down the barriers that keep you from enjoying the game. We’re on a mission to simplify the learning curve and help you step onto the course with confidence. Our aim is to create a welcoming, fun, and supportive space where you can hone your skills and discover the joy of this incredible game.

Though we’re sisters, our golfing journeys are as varied as our personalities. Stephanie is the true golf expert! With more than two decades in the industry, covering competitive play and coaching, Steph knows the game inside and out. She played Division I NCAA golf for the University of Illinois, where she also earned a degree in kinesiology. Fueled by her love of the game and an in-depth understanding of body kinetics, Stephanie transformed her passion into her profession. After gaining experience as an assistant pro for Champagne Country Club and assistant golf coach for her alma mater, she set off charting her own path, teaching individual and group lessons and helping countless golfers improve their skills and unlock their best golf (however they define it). While she loves what she does, her most cherished title is Mom to her four boys!

Sarah Nimphie
Co-Founder, Coach Birdie
Sarah Nimphie
Co-Founder, Coach Birdie

While Stephanie dove headfirst into the world of golf, Sarah quite literally dove headfirst into the pool as a collegiate springboard diver. After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in mathematics, she ventured into the business world as an actuary. Sure, she can hold her own in a company golf outing and loves to play with family and friends, but for her, golf is about unwinding and having fun without the pressure of taking it too seriously. Progressing in her career, she has found value in the connections and conversation starters that golf provides. Sarah is passionate about Coach Birdie’s mission to ensure those opportunities are open to all. Having witnessed women shy away from (or get outright excluded) from leagues or events where valuable connections are forged, she’s particularly committed to helping women break into the game. Sarah is also the proud mother of two little girls — fueling her desire to foster inclusivity in golf and beyond.

At the core of our mission is the belief that golf has something to offer anyone willing to pick up a club and give it a try. We’re ready to meet you where you are and aim to provide the resources you need to boost your confidence and ignite (or kindle anew) your love for the game of golf. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us!

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Stephanie Wagemann is the creative force behind Coach Birdie and your go-to expert for learning to play and love the game of golf!

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